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Networked information services in context sensitive environments by Giles Rollestone and Ian Morris

The Sushi project was originally conceived and developed in the (Interval Research Group funded) Computer Related Design Research Studio at the Royal College of Art, London. Sushi was developed as a new way of sharing information between people in small groups and networks within the Royal College of Art.

By drawing some parallels between the way we manage and experience cities in the real world - through urban planning and our experience of media - we can begin to understand what it takes to design, build and run information services and people networks that develop human and electronic knowledge assets.

Networked information services, context sensitive environments, augmented spaces, real places, virtual spaces, multi-channel services, communities, knowledge management, intranets, urban environments, p2p networking. and virtual space.

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This paper also appears as an article in the book 'INTERACTIVE: The Internet for Graphic Designers' by Paul Farrington of StudioTonne.

Accepted paper, presented at the Mass Communications Development Consortium, CHI 2003.

Nico Macdonald's site

Published paper, Design of Interactive Systems (DIS). London, 2002
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Networked information services in context sensitive environments

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