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Area of expertise: Information architecture & interface design
Client: BP Internet Services, London

User interface design for bp.com; Scient created a seamless, integrated experience across the vast collection of independently developed corporate web-sites.

Based on this design direction, a style guide was also created to convey the brand across 160 sites.

Project: Website - brand consolidation
Role: Information Architect
Company: Scient
Site: www.bp.com


The challenge
The BP helios was introduced in July 2000 as a symbol of the convergence of many businesses into the world's leading energy company.

The challenge was to align the digital presence of hundreds of diverse business sites.

Customer centric vision
Scient worked with BP to establish a common brand and digital language that would enable BP businesses to cost effectively deliver dynamic, integrated offers adapted to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.



From business centric to customer centric
The new bp.com home page provides specific destinations for distinct audiences.

Global design principles were developed and deployed to bring consistency to the user experience.

Simple & clean design with minimal visual clutter.

Extensive use of white space and restrained use of green.

Simple, straightforward language


  Two clicks to a sales contact
'Transition Pages' provide access to BP business sites and country portals and introduce customers directly to sales contacts.

Flexibility in the right places

Broad guidelines for business sites set forth global standards, yet encourage 'flexibility in the right places'.

The objective is to inspire innovation, yet within constraints that refer back to a common look and feel.

  Giles was responsible for
Assessing client needs and gathering requirements to develop interface standards and guidelines.

Communicating user interface design directions with the internal user experience, technology and business team members. Team size approx 25.

Communicate user interface design directions to the client.

Developed scaleable navigation systems for 160 sites.

Created the user manual to train an external consulting company on how to use the Content Management System developed to maintain and update the new portal.