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Selected Case Studies and Projects


Mobility and the Experience of Urban Place

PhD Research, University of the Arts, London.
October 2003 ongoing.


Urban Feedback Tokyo Nomad

Ambient Media
Digitalogue, Japan
Format: CD-ROM and Projection
Date: 2001

This work uses the computers clock to generate its interactive system: work made in this space is akin to a screen saver. Once installed, the software plays back footage and scene's from a visit to Tokyo, using the internal clock of the computer to select appropriate images and video footage of day and night scenes from the same time in Tokyo.



Urban Feedback London Tokyo

Time based Media

Too Corporation, Japan
Format: CD-ROM and Projection
Date: 1998

This spatial interface documents a dialogue between Tokyo and London by taking physical experiences and replaying them back through interactive media. The atmosphere of this work provides and instant nostalgic impression of place.


Software design, Intranets & knowledge management

Role: Project co-creator, User interface design, Information architecture, Design direction
Client: Interval Research Corporation, San Francisco
Academic Institution: Royal College of Art, London


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